dimanche 22 novembre 2015

Essai AT - Rust Sports

Un document pdf de 21 pages sur leur essai de l'AT. En fait c'était la machine que Touratech avait pour leurs essais.

Le journaliste n'a pas été invité en Afrique du Sud pour les essais officiels. Il a pu essayer le modèle de Touratech pendant un jour et livre ses premières impressions. Le résultat semble au dessus des attentes.


This new Africa Twin is sporting ... Seriously sporting.
Bottom line - yeah it's a missile.

The parallel twin motor is something of a gem.
Honda have fooled the bike, and us, into thinking we're riding a 90 degres vee-twin, like a Ducati motor or perhaps more intentionally recalling the power charateristics of the 52 degrees vee-twin motor in the old Africa Twin.

The important thing here is the engine has character. 

The CRF designation is correct. In spirit yes, but also given the technological links to Honda's off-road competition range, it is part of the 1000L's DNA.

21-18. Those two numbers tell you Honda are serious. The y've proven to be the optimal sizes for off-road competition motorcycling.

The ergos feel spot on; totally natural, whether standing or seated.

The finishes are as you'd expect from Honda.

It is the bike we've been hoping for - probably more. The guys that created this bike knew exactly what they were doing.

Damn Honda ... I know which I'd buy.

Un autre avis, celui du patron de Touratech USA. Les 6 raisons:
1. This bike can do it in the dirt
2. Traction control modes can be changed on-the-fly
3. Honda reliability is legendary
4. She's a looker
5. It's little in the middle
6. This motor screams! If you rode it blindfolded you might think it was a KTM.

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