mardi 23 février 2016

Bike comparaison avec la GS

Journal Bike d'avril (oui, je sais nous sommes juste à la fin février)

Africa Twin is not as good as the GS. Simple. Remove your GS blinkers and the Honda rapidly proves to be good.

AT: classy, well-planned, well-executed whole. The torque is so usable.

The AT parallel twin has more luxurious nature - it's like a hto bath next to the R1200Gs power-shower.

The AT is super-simple at dawdling speed. A do-it-all adventurer interwining the enduro air of a KTM, the usability of the GS and the class of a VFR.

0-60 mph
- AT: 3.75s
- GS: 3.64s

Top speed
- AT: 123.5 mph
- GS: 133.1 mph

40-80 mph
- AT: 8.58s
- GS: 5.6s

- AT: 194 miles
- GS. 193 miles


AT: 9/10
GS: 9/10

Fast, astoudingly easy to ride and finely equiped, BMW's R1200GS rmains the definitive adventure-sports-tourer. I fully understand the need for one - for a proven bike with great mile-munching credentials, proper accommodation for two, swift performance, totally giddying possibilities in terms of widgets to make life easier and strong residuals. The GS is craking.
The machine behind the BMW's buttons, modes, adjustable whatsits, daytime running lights and trndy extas isn't quite as fine as the new Honda Africat Twin, though, it hasn't the same sens of quality, of rouded, polished finess. Sure, the BMW outshines the Honda in a couple of areas - pillion comfort, engine response, adjustability - but is also lags behind on supension

If you want an R1200Gs then the Africa Twin won't stop you buying one - but it's the bike that we prefer riding.

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