lundi 23 mai 2016

Accessoire - hyperpro

hyperpro vient de lancer ses produits pour l'Africa Twin. En condition plus difficiles, l'amortisseur arrière n'est pas suffisant amha.

Intéressant de voir qu'ils proposent même une élévation de l'arrière de 2 cms.

Une réponse du fabricant (très rapide à répondre)

The shock will be the best option available, that is for sure.

But: it is also quite expensive. If a rider wants an improvement, at a fraction of the costs, the springkit (and especially the +20mm one) will already improve the bike a lot.

Usually the improvement with springs is about 60/70%, while the shock will add an extra improvement of around 30% (so  90/100% in total)

Hyperpro Sales B.V. developed a full suspension range for this Adventure bike.

Hyperpro designed a rising rate spring fitting on the OEM shock, which rise the bike with 2 cm’s. Doing this we managed to configurate a better handling, more stable ride and using the range of capacity in the bike to adjust it to the correct suspension setting.

Also we offer a normal height option and a lowering option by changing the spring set to a lowering of 0mm or -25mm of the seat height.

To fully upgrade the suspension of the Africa Twin we are also offering a full adjustable type 461 shock, a type 460 emulsion shock, and for commuters and those who will use the Africa Twin on-road as much or even more than off-road a Hyperpro ‪#‎Streetbox‬ is available, containing a front fork spring set, front fork oil and the type 460 emulsion shock.

CRF 1000 L (also ABS / DCT) 16  original height
SP-HO10-SSA034 - fork
SP-HO10-SSB034 - shock - 109€
SP-HO10-SSC034 B - combi

CRF 1000 L (also ABS / DCT) 16> preferred kit, seat height +20mm
SP-HO10-SSA032 - fork - 155€
SP-HO10-SSB032 - shock - 109€
SP-HO10-SSC032 B - combi - environ 260€

CRF 1000 L (also ABS / DCT) 16> preferred kit, seat height -25mm
SP-HO10-SSA033 - fork - 155€
SP-HO10-SSB033 - shock - 109€
SP-HO10-SSC033 B - combi - 235€

L'amortisseur arrière: HO10-1AM avec réservoir séparé - environ 729€

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