dimanche 29 mai 2016

Accessoire - Unifilter

Disponible dès le mois de mai, les filtres australiens Unifilter avec aussi une possibilité de pré-filtres

CRF 1000L Africa Twin 2016

Honda CRF 1000L Africa Twin 2016 Air Filter Kit

Pre-Order now! Available May 1st 2016

Kit contains 2 x air filters, 2 x Powder Coated air filter mounting plates, 2 x removable coarse foam pre-filters * 2 x Ultra Soft air box seals. Filters supplied pre-oiled ready for use.

This air filter kit is fully servicable.

*Optional pair of Intake Snorkel pre-filters sold seprerately* To be able to use the snorkel pre-filters the rubber intake snorkels need to be cut in front of the 3rd rib section using a blade knife. The pre-filters are secured by feeding the pre-filter into the snorkels and wraping the last 35mm back over the outide of the snorkel. Use the cable ties supplied to secure.


169,95 A$

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