dimanche 29 mai 2016

Accessoire - Rockfox

Des produits annoncés mais pas encore en vente.
La protection basse et haute semble bien pensée. A voir l'attache du haut sous la tête de fourche.
Sinon, les 3 points sont intéressants pour le crash haut.


Accessoire - Unifilter

Disponible dès le mois de mai, les filtres australiens Unifilter avec aussi une possibilité de pré-filtres

CRF 1000L Africa Twin 2016

Honda CRF 1000L Africa Twin 2016 Air Filter Kit

Pre-Order now! Available May 1st 2016

Kit contains 2 x air filters, 2 x Powder Coated air filter mounting plates, 2 x removable coarse foam pre-filters * 2 x Ultra Soft air box seals. Filters supplied pre-oiled ready for use.

This air filter kit is fully servicable.

*Optional pair of Intake Snorkel pre-filters sold seprerately* To be able to use the snorkel pre-filters the rubber intake snorkels need to be cut in front of the 3rd rib section using a blade knife. The pre-filters are secured by feeding the pre-filter into the snorkels and wraping the last 35mm back over the outide of the snorkel. Use the cable ties supplied to secure.


169,95 A$

Accessoire - African Queens

Pas encore de disponibilité mais quelques photos.

La société African Queens a transformé une AT vers une version plus rallye.

- des flancs plus faciles à enlever et moins sensibles aux chocs
- une tête de fourche revue pour les besoin de la course
- une protection des carters plus sérieuse
- des jantes?
- un pot libre
- une selle différente?
- des protèges-mains
- une protection de fourche avant
- un garde-boue avant haut
- protection des radiateurs
- les amortisseurs
- les leviers
- la commande de tirage des gaz
- durites de frein avant
- etc.

En fin de compte tous les points faibles relevés ont été changés ou protégés.



quelle belle couronne, ça change de l'origine

L'amortisseur a été changé aussi

Réhausses imposantes

Leviers changés et système de tirage des gaz aussi. L'origine est trop long

Sabot incluant la protection des carters

vendredi 27 mai 2016

Essai - Trail magazine

Un long essai de l'Africa Twin dans le dernier Trail Magazine avec des comparaisons et des témoignages

Accessoire - bulle MRA

MRA a lancé il y a quelques jours plusieurs modèles pour l'Africa

Une bulle Touring avec ou sans spoiler

+ 8 cms en hauteur
+7,8 cms en largeur

Les dimensions semblent très intéressantes

85€ en clair sans le spoiler

128€ avec le spoiler

et une bulle courte à 75€ à l'aspect plus martial

Honda - impact tremblement de terre

Une info des USA. Les prochaines livraisons prévues en juin sont repoussées fin août.

Même chose en Europe?


Honda has released another update (May 25, 2016) on the 2016 Africa Twin shipment delays for the USA. Due to the seismic events in Kumomoto, Japan, production went through a delay as I’ve mentioned in previous updates. At this time, (1) unit (Africa Twin) has been released to all dealers who placed orders for (2) or more units. (2) units have been released to all Level 5 Honda PowerHouse Dealers who placed orders for 2 or more units during the initial order process.

Remaining orders have been rescheduled for expected delivery in late August. Production has resumed and this timeline may improve. All order will be filled. Confirmed quantities won’t change, only expected delivery dates.

Example. My shipment that was scheduled to release the first week of June on the latest weekly update has now been pushed back to August 28th. I know it’s hard to be patient when this bike has had such an anticipated release, unlike any other Honda in many years. Honda is in the business of selling motorcycles so it goes without question they want the Africa Twin in customers hands yesterday. I can speak from experience after getting to spend some personal one-on-one time with this beast and it is definitely worth the wait. Coming from an unbiased guy that’s not really into adventure motorcycles, I was taken back with just how well this package has came together once you’re in the saddle and roll on the throttle… I won’t bore you with my opinion on the motorcycle in this post though as this was mainly just for updating you guys with the latest info because sometimes it can be difficult to get 100% accurate and exact details.

mercredi 25 mai 2016

Vidéo - une fille au Paris Dunkerque avec une AT

C'est pas facile dans la boue.

Essai - Dirt Bike

Un des essai effectué aux USA pour le lancement de la machine


Honda released the Africa Twin to the press in Moab, Utah this week, where we spent two days riding it both on- and off-road.

Sometimes, work doesn’t suck.

It’s clear that Honda understands the adventure-bike rider’s mentality, because the Africa Twin is pretty much right on target. It’s a powerful, comfortable street bike with practical off-road capabilities. By off-road, we mean dirt roads, sand, rocks and everything just short of true single-track. Honda had the advantage of arriving on the scene after the Yamaha Super Tenere, the BMW R1200GS Adventure and the KTM 1190, which had upped the bar, step by step over the last three years. So the Africa Twin is lighter and narrower than any of those, and it has the most sophisticated traction control yet. The one area where Honda is in front of the class is in its automatic shift technology. The Africa Twin offers the DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission) as an option. This has been already seen on Honda’s ATVs, UTVs and on some street bikes, but its application to the off-road world is new.  This takes away the clutch lever and shift lever, leaving you with computer-controlled shifting through the six-speed gearbox. In any given speed, one clutch is engaged while the secondary clutch has the next anticipated gear ready. When the computer decides the time is right, the two clutches transfer the power from one set of gears to the other, almost seamlessly. There are a total of four “modes” that can be pre-selected to tell the computer how high you want to rev out before each shift, or you can use triggers on the left grip to paddle-shift on your own.

At first, we didn’t think we would like having a computer babysit us. It turned out to be awesome. Low speeds are always challenging on big adventure bikes, and not having to worry about the clutch makes life much, much easier. A bonus feature is that the tall first gear that plagues all adventure bikes simply isn’t an issue with an automatic clutch.

Traction control can be tailored with another trigger on the left. In the default position, the bike stumbles and stammers anytime the rear wheel breaks loose. That’s only useful on the street. Once you go off road, you can change to any of three settings or just turn the system off, all on the fly. On flat dirt roads, setting three is workable, but you still can’t use power to slide around a turn. Setting two lets you get away with a little flat-track action, but if you get into sand, you’ll still get stuck. Setting one is the most practical. You can back ‘er into turns and the computer only intrudes when the wheel is spinning wildly. Sometimes that’s fun, too, and that’s why Honda left you with the option of turning the whole system off. Same is true with the ABS system; a push of a button and it goes away, at least on the rear wheel.

Electronic stuff aside, what we like the most about the bike is the layout. It’s narrow and you feel perfectly at home in the dirt. Standing is natural, the footpegs are in the right place and after a short stint in the saddle, you’ll swear it’s light. It’s not really light, of course–it’s still a 998cc parallel twin in a massive chassis. But if you’re used to another liter-sized adventure bike, the Honda is very compact.

Of course, it’s crazy fast. The torque is excellent and the bike revs out to a sick top-end punch. If you’re a dirt rider, you’ll find it hard to believe anything is faster. If you’re an experienced street rider, though, you’re used to extreme power levels. The Honda clearly isn’t as powerful as the big KTM, or the BMW. It might even give up a little to the Yamaha. But when it comes to this kind of power, it’s all just bragging rights anyway. The Africa Twin can keep up with freeway traffic in first gear–and it’s got five more that go faster. On our intro ride, Johnny Campbell reported that he saw 109 on the speedometer after a short dirt straight.

Right now, the Africa Twin is in short supply. The April 16 earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan damaged the Honda factory, so supplies are limited to one per dealer. MSRP is set at $12,999 for the base model, and $13,699 for the DCT version.

mardi 24 mai 2016

Vidéo - l'usine de montage

Des vidéos qui tournent sur le net depuis quelques temps. Toujours intéressant à voir.

Suspensions - un doute

Après mon voyage au Maroc, j'ai été très déçu par l'amortisseur arrière.
Il ne supporte pas mon poids avec les bagages. Le poids principal a été mis dans les sacoches au plus bas bien entendu.

J'ai vu que certaines personnes se plaignent aussi de ce problème. Une personne au Japon, une autre en France et encore un autre dans un pays de l'est.

Un témoignage d'une équipe qui fait le tour du monde:
After 10kkm:
The electronic suspension of the GS is also much better equipped to carry the weight of a world tourer. Basti is constantly complaining that his front tire of the Africa Twin is to light and Fabi did not have any problems even with a rear passenger. We have put the Africa Twins suspension as tight as possible and Bastis front is still too light. Without the Topcase it is better, but we are seriously considering a new suspension for the Hondas in Thailand.

It would appear that the standard rear suspension setup is just not adequate for touring with a load on anything but good roads.

Exactement ce que j'ai ressenti. L'avant devient trop léger et le moindre caillou fait partir la machine.

Un premier témoignage de remplacement d'amortisseur avec celui de Touratech

Après les pneus d'origine qui ne tiennent pas la route mouillée, l'amortisseur qui ne supporte pas le poids d'une machine faite pour voyager. Sans parler des traces de vieillissement trop précoces.

Un contre-exemple avec mon ancienne GS LC. De Suisse jusqu'en Suède. Changement des pneus au mileu de ce beau pays. Aucun soucis avec le poids. Il y en avait plus que pour la virée au Maroc ;-((

Accessoire - Outback Motortek


Il semble que Ouback est presque à bout touchant pour la livraison de plusieurs pièces.

Le crash bar reprend le principe de SW-Motech et ne va pas vers le haut. Est-ce suffisant? Pour 80% des chutes oui, pour le reste ...
Les points d'encrage ne sont pas encore bien visibles. A l'arrière sur le cadre mais l'avant ??

Le sabot semble bien éloignée des carters et avec le crash bar devrait éviter des dégâts. Sauf si une pierre passe entre le 2.

et pour les prix:

Crash bars (sandblasted and powder coated black and matte silver color options): $250CAD/AUD, 150EUR, $220US

Skid plate: $295CAD/AUD, 189EUR, $260US

Rear luggage rack: $135CAD/AUD, 85EUR, $115US

Combo packages:

Crash bars and skid plate combo: $499CAD/AUD, 310EUR, $430

Crash bars, skid plate and rear luggage rack (pictures coming soon): $615CAD/AUD, $399EUR, $529US

lundi 23 mai 2016

Accessoire - crash bar Altrider

Pas encore de prix, quelques photos. Même système de fixation que Touratech. Est-ce suffisant ??

Avec le sabot noir, c'est pas mal.

En fait il faut acheter 3 articles pour une protection correcte. La barre du bas n'est pas double comme chez Holan et Touratech. Sans le renfort entre la barre et le crash bar haut, pas certain que ce soit suffisant.

Accessoire - hyperpro

hyperpro vient de lancer ses produits pour l'Africa Twin. En condition plus difficiles, l'amortisseur arrière n'est pas suffisant amha.




Intéressant de voir qu'ils proposent même une élévation de l'arrière de 2 cms.

Une réponse du fabricant (très rapide à répondre)

The shock will be the best option available, that is for sure.

But: it is also quite expensive. If a rider wants an improvement, at a fraction of the costs, the springkit (and especially the +20mm one) will already improve the bike a lot.

Usually the improvement with springs is about 60/70%, while the shock will add an extra improvement of around 30% (so  90/100% in total)

Hyperpro Sales B.V. developed a full suspension range for this Adventure bike.

Hyperpro designed a rising rate spring fitting on the OEM shock, which rise the bike with 2 cm’s. Doing this we managed to configurate a better handling, more stable ride and using the range of capacity in the bike to adjust it to the correct suspension setting.

Also we offer a normal height option and a lowering option by changing the spring set to a lowering of 0mm or -25mm of the seat height.

To fully upgrade the suspension of the Africa Twin we are also offering a full adjustable type 461 shock, a type 460 emulsion shock, and for commuters and those who will use the Africa Twin on-road as much or even more than off-road a Hyperpro ‪#‎Streetbox‬ is available, containing a front fork spring set, front fork oil and the type 460 emulsion shock.

CRF 1000 L (also ABS / DCT) 16  original height
SP-HO10-SSA034 - fork
SP-HO10-SSB034 - shock - 109€
SP-HO10-SSC034 B - combi

CRF 1000 L (also ABS / DCT) 16> preferred kit, seat height +20mm
SP-HO10-SSA032 - fork - 155€
SP-HO10-SSB032 - shock - 109€
SP-HO10-SSC032 B - combi - environ 260€

CRF 1000 L (also ABS / DCT) 16> preferred kit, seat height -25mm
SP-HO10-SSA033 - fork - 155€
SP-HO10-SSB033 - shock - 109€
SP-HO10-SSC033 B - combi - 235€

L'amortisseur arrière: HO10-1AM avec réservoir séparé - environ 729€

Un distributeur en Allemagne