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DCT - un cas de problème

Mise à jour 13.03.2016

Un autre témoignage concernant le problème du DCT

I recently reported on another post about a startup issue I encountered. Reading about these incidents reminded me of something else that happened within a couple of days of getting the bike. At the time I put it down to the transmission learning.

Only about 100 kms on the clock, in D mode, rode about 400 metres to the end of my street, slowing to around 5-10 kph as it is a bit of a blind corner, progressed around the corner and accelerated. All of a sudden the engine was screaming as if it was redlining in first gear. I hit the paddle to change up to second and it settled back down.

At the time I put it down to the transmission kicking down to first gear at which time it had to rev this high. Being more familiar with the bike now (1200kms) I don't believe the revs that were hit correlated to speed I was doing. Maybe 40kph which would only be about 4000 rpm in first.

While the two cases described earlier were from a standing start, seems like my DCT performed similarly. Hadn't reported it at the time to my dealer but I might now.

et un autre

Bruza Twin
Can't beleave what I have just read! Last Sat I was out in the Lake District UK for a ride out with 17 other IAM bikers very cold sleet and snow we stopped for a brew. We got back onto our bikes and set off and like you doing approx 5mph I stopped to get into formation sat behind a Triumph Explorer, we started to go and with the slightest of pressure on the throttle the DCT shot forward from between my legs leaving me there standing like John Wayne and the bike crashes into the back of the Triumph taking out the rider and Bike! We Managed to lift his bike of him and he hurt his arm falling over And again like you thought it was all my fault!

I left the group to carry on with the ride out Me with my tail between my legs and my suspension twisted and it was in the turning left position I limped it to my local Honda dealer 50 miles away! who kindly gave me a lift home and left the bike with them. My pride was firmly dented with everybody seeing what I had done and could only discribe it as a Horse rearing up!

Up to now the Triumph cost me £539.05 to be fixed the rider having a brused arm and I'm now dreading the cost to mine as well. It's only done 390 miles


Un propriétaire anglais d'une AT avec DCT rapporte un problème grave.

Il semble que ceci c'est produit avec le problème du commodo gauche défaillant.

Pour l'instant il n'y a qu'un seul cas reporté.

Pas de conclusion hâtive mais à mon humble avis, l'AT était prévue pour redevenir simple. Peu d'électronique (pas de mode, pas de suspensions électronique). Le DCT amène son lot de complexité (mécanique et électronique) qui n'entre pas dans le cahier des charges d'une moto normalement réparable partout dans le monde.


Hi All. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I need to share my DCT experience of yesterday after my 600 mile service with you

In short, if you ride DCT and have the sticky left switchgear syndrome please TAKE CARE

Bike had its first service today (579 miles). I drew the dealer's attention to the sticking button on the left switchgear (the SET button that is used to control displayed fuel consumption / trip meters / ambient temp blah blah blah). Whilst outside showing them the problem, the DOWN select button packed up. I tell them I am not happy and fear the problem may spread to the paddle gear shift buttons (for non DCT riders the gear shifters are part of the same switch set)

Dealer services bike. Just an oil dump, oil filter and another filter for the DCT. Dealer tells me that the left hand switchgear is full of water. I ride in any weather, and on Wednesday that meant through foot deep floods. This IS an Africa Twin - that shouldn't have happened. Dealer logs a case with Honda, new left switchgear on it's way from Brussels to be fitted on Monday under warranty. Cool. I'll live without worrying about fuel consumption for a few days

Dealer test rides it after servicing it, I pay, gives me keys. Get out on the A420 for the 15 mile ride home - bike seems fine, although a bit more vibey than before, plus they gave me back the ludicrous amount of throttle free play. I ride it in a spirited fashion using a combination of it's full auto mode (DRIVE) and SPORTS 3, manually intervening to drop cogs using the paddle shifter upon corner entry. Bwaaarp Bwaaaarp Bwaaaaarp loving it

Ride into the town I live. It's busy. It's school kick out time and the roads have parked cars everywhere, people everywhere. Old boy coming towards me in a big Merc so I stop and wave him through. At this point I have the bike in Drive mode - it forces first gear on me when stopped, I have the option to select neutral but don't. In this situation the DCT acts like a twist and go effectively

Old boy passes me, I apply a light and constant throttle position - we pull away. (normally in this mode the bike short shifts up the box at about 1800rpm - it's ridiculously mild and at 35mph is usually already up into 5th). So we pull away as usual, and at about 5-10mph the revs suddenly go wild - HIGH - right up near the redline (but not banging off the limiter) - as if it found a false neutral and then of it's own accord dumps the clutch! Not it's usual beautifully smooth clutch work, it DUMPED the clutch. I was totally out of control, up on the back wheel in the middle of town, just missed a parked car - not knowing that the **** was going on. Manage to get it under control and didn't run anybody over. **** me right up. Badly

Once I'd calmed down and turned the bike off, I nursed it to a safer place and tried to replicate the issue. I felt bad. I thought it was my error. I can confirm that the same thing occurred a second time, only this time I was ready for it. It finds 'false' neutrals and is highly dangerous because I have no actual control of the clutch like on a manual bike!

If I had a pillion on the back we would have looped the thing in the middle of town - without question. Oh how I wish I had had my GoPro on

Don't want it anymore, don't want to ride it. Utterly dangerous. I have spoken to Honda UK - WHO WILL GET BACK TO ME IN THREE WORKING DAYS - despite the fact that this is currently Europe's best selling bike and almost 50% of buyers are opting for the the very clever, very unpredictable got a mind of it's ******* own dual clutch transmission

Don't know what else to say apart from please please please take care on your DCTs, especially if you have sticking left switchgear. This morning I am furious, pissed off, angry but have collated my thoughts. It seems that the left switchgear is sending confusing signals to the gearbox - which in turn is giving random neutrals and applying totally random unexpected clutch behaviour


Honda UK don't seem to want to take me seriously, so until they do I'll carry on being interviewed by MCN and will spread my experience far and wide

It is a brand new generation of DCT though (3rd gen?). But DCT has been around for 6 years on a production Honda, and has proven incredibly robust

Little update:

Honda Assist arrived at lunchtime - and then left again as the vehicle they sent wasn't capable of carrying the AT. Haha - you couldn't make it up! Bigger truck came a couple of hours later and just before loading it I started the bike up. Interestingly it wouldn't engage drive and wouldn't show neutral on the gear indicator (green N light was displayed on the side segment)

It seems to have gone into some sort of failsafe mode and just had a flashing "-" where it would normally show, "N"

None the wiser yet as to what happened yesterday, but it's now at the dealers and am expecting a new left hand switch set to be fitted on Monday morning. I really need them to conduct a thorough test as my confidence in what was becoming a brilliant machine, up until it went wild on me, has taken a bit of a knock :-)

Honda have called me a few times wanting details and have committed to working closely and supporting the dealer in investigating what went on

Thanks for finding that post marekm. That's the first I've seen of anybody else having any form of DCT trouble. I've been riding it in the wet since I picked it up, including through some pretty big floods on Wednesday. I did a lot of research before deciding on the DCT over the manual, and it's still the version that fits my needs

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  1. J'ai une NC700X DCT depuis de 2012 et 30 000 km aucun problème, sur les forums NC et Crosstourer les problèmes sont vraiment très très très minoritaires, pas de pannes récurrentes connues!
    La technologie DCT est fiable cela n'empêche pas des incidents évidemment et dans le cas particulier que tu cites la question du commodo me semble plus préoccupante que la fiabilité de la DCT

  2. Les problèmes de commodo se sont produits aussi sur mon nc700 intégra, là c'était le klaxon qui se bloquait. Échange standard sous garantie, plusieurs cas s'étaient produits. Aucun pb sur les palettes de commande.
    Moi son histoire je n'arrive pas à comprendre comment le moteur peut s'emballer, alors qu'il a une commande d'accélérateur par câble !

  3. Effectivement, aussi relevé sur Advrider, les gaz sont commandés mécaniquement. La boîte même si elle a un problème ne va pas accélérer. Peut-être un réflexe du poignet quand la moto s'est mise sur la roue arrière. J'ai eu le même problème avec une GS.