jeudi 10 mars 2016

Essai - retour après 6 semaines

Six weeks have flown past, she has been dropped in the mud, I have broken one brake lever, lost or broken some of the plastic and captive bolt trim fixings… indeed disassembling and replacing the plastic trim takes care and a methodical approach.

I am looking forward to putting some more miles on the bike with ferry crossings already booked. Is the new Africa Twin a GS replacement? Yes, for me it is, I do not yet have the same feelings for it as I do my old GSA but that trust has to be earned.

The reliability of the technology has yet to be proven but Honda’s reputation for excellent build quality and support help allude any niggles and three years EU breakdown cover comes with the bike — my old GSA now sits in my garage, covered and cosseted – I had forgotten and have certainly forgiven the times she left me stranded with servo or fuel pump failures, its time for me to change and embrace a brave new world of DCT G Mode on a lighter more nimble bike – roll on the next 100,000 miles.

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