mardi 12 avril 2016

Accessoire - Hyperpro

Un communiqué d'Hyperpro. Ils ont de nouveaux produits pour l'Africa.
Ils partent de l'idée d'augmenter la hauteur de 20mm pour plus de contrôle.
Un kit avec la hauteur normale est aussi disponible. Pour ceux qui veulent moins de hauteur, un kit -25mm est aussi proposé.

Hyperpro suspension for the Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin

The recently introduced Honda CRF1000L can now be upgraded with Hyperpro suspension, giving much more control over the bike, turning it into a true funbike and/or offroad bike.

available are 2 options:
A kit that makes the seat height 20mm higher, and a kit with normal height.

The +20mm kit gives a much better ride, since the bike is much better balanced, and has more ground clearance.

It is also better controllable under heavy braking, and better suited for two-up riding and luggage systems

So the preferred kit, for the best performance increase, is the +20mm kit.

If the bike gets too high for you as a customer, we also offer a kit which retains the original height.

Still much better than original, but not the optimal result.

Riding height +20mm:
– Front spring kit with oil. Art. nr: SP-HO10-SSA032
– Rear replacement spring. Art. nr: SP-HO10-SSB032
– Combikit (front&rear). Art. nr: SP-HO10-SSC032

Original riding height:
– Front spring kit with oil. Art. nr: SP-HO10-SSA034
– Rear replacement spring. Art. nr: SP-HO10-SSB034
– Combikit (front&rear). Art. nr: SP-HO10-SSC034

25mm lowering kit:
– Front lowering (25mm) spring kit with oil. Art. nr: SP-HO10-SSA033
– Rear lowering (25mm) replacement spring. Art. nr: SP-HHO10-SSC033
– Combikit lowering (25mm) (front&rear). Art. nr: SP-HO10-SSC033

Streetbox and shocks:
– Streetbox! (complete shock and frontspringkit with oil) Art. Nr: SB-HO10-0AM
– 460 type shock absorber Art. nr: HO10-0AM
– 461 type shock absorber Art. nr: HO10-1AM

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