jeudi 14 avril 2016

Pourquoi une roue de 21"

Un article intéressant d'un propriétaire de GS qui est passé à une roue de 21"

Le besoin est simple : 2RTW

A 21” front Rim upgrade is one of the best modifications you can make to your GS if you’re serious about riding it in the dirt.

Comme quoi, on peut être content avec nos roues de 21" d'origine.

Les avantages:

Whether I’m riding my bike fully loaded or without bags and riding more aggressively, I want more front end grip in the dirt. I want more stability and more predictable steering in soft terrain like mud and sand. A 21” front wheel provides these sought after attributes.

Riding rocky or technical terrain get’s easier. A 21” front wheel will roll over holes that a 19” wheel would roll in to. Deflate your tire pressure for the sand and any tires contact patch will get longer (not wider). Think of a longer tire contact patch like a caterpillar track on a bulldozer. In sand, the longer the tire contact patch becomes, the more resistance is created between the tire and the sand itself. This in turn provides improved front end steering. The difference in performance I’d describe as the difference between sliding about on ice in your socks (19” front) or skimming across the ice with skates (21” rim). Yep the difference in control and stability, in my experience, is that substantial.

Qu'est-ce qu'il a choisit?

Hub: 6061 billet aluminium and weighing 3 pounds lighter (almost 1.5 kilograms) than the stock front hub, the Woody’s Superlite Hubs,

Rim: The Takasago Excel Signature Series Rim’s

De chez Woody’s Wheel

Continentals TKC80’s and need to fit 90-90/21 front rubber and 15-70/17 on the rear.

Tube ou tubeless?

As far as inflation is concerned I’ve gone for a tube on the front and a sealed Woody’s tubeless conversion on the rear.

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